Circa Survive with Touche Amore, Balance and Composure, and O’Brother

Who were you in high school? Sporto? Motorhead? Geek? Slut? Blood? Wasteoid? Dweebie? Dickhead? Righteous dude? A deadly combination of all of the above?

I ask the question because this event that I’m about to tell you about surprisingly speaks to my own high school heart. Well let me get to the point. Circa Survive will headline a show at Emo’s with guests Touche Amore, Balance and Composure, and O’Brother. Now it’s very important that you realize that this show is not just another tour rolling through Austin. Listening to the lineup on Spotify as I type this, brings back nostalgic memories of high school. I thought I was the sometimes goth, but always unique theatre kid that ate lunch outside with a very particular crowd of outcasts. We were really into a medley of bands like System of a Down, Chevelle, The Deftones, At the Drive In, and Blink 182. Yeah, those were the days. The beginning of Emo itself. We were cool-circa 2002, and Circa Survive is cool-circa NOW!

Circa Survive

Circa Survive offers an updated hardcore and emo sound that speaks volumes in their emotional and heavy lyrics. Their music is obviously experimenting with a rule-breaking freedom style that relates to the neo-progressive movement of the mid-2000s.

Then we have Touche Amore who brings that punk rock element into the mix-offering a harder and angrier emo-tone. But as you know, nobody was angry in high school, so maybe Touche Amore is not for you. They are for me however, I was all sorts of pissed. the eyeliner never stopped.

Balance and Composure will mellow you out after the previous head-banging session, but will still maintain your energy. How can you still be angry with all these lovely roses to choose from? You’ll especially enjoy their live performance of “Quake” alongside many others from their latest album “Separation.”

Balance and Composure

Lastly, we have the brilliant O’Brother who are highly influenced by their favored bands like Mogawai, Isis, Earth, and Radiohead. Not only the music of these bands impact the sound of O’ Brother, but also their own personal ups and downs of the industry. O’ Brother is said to capture a piece of themselves on tour that will only be remembered and re-lived through their music. 

Whether you attend this concert at Emo’s to incite any nostalgic high school emotions or if you want to get an updated experience of a hardcore emo style-it’s a win win. Tickets can be purchased here for the Tuesday 10/02/12 show @ 7:00pm.

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