Oktoberfest Meat and Greet @ Volstead Lounge

Thank you, Germany, for giving us yet another holiday in which we can celebrate strong beer and specialty sausage.  October will conclude the 16 day celebration that has been the cornerstone of German culture for the last 200 years.

Volstead Lounge is bringing the world’s largest fair to Austin with their 5th “Meat and Greet.”  At 7pm the Oktoberfest festivities will commence with- you guessed it- German beer and complimentary (Free!) German food. Volstead is going all out with local chef Zack Northcutt and award-winning mixologist Justin Elliott.

This isn’t your run of the mill meat party.  Your palette will be in sensory overload with three very distinct pork sausage selections, with the first two being traditional and the third being experimental:

  1. Traditional Oktoberfest accompanied by traditional sauerkraut.
  2. German/Italian fusion paired with potato salad.
  3. Pork and gummy bears along with Jagermeister mustard.

Who in their right mind would pair pork and gummy bears?  The bigger question is who wouldn’t want to try it?  Throw in a signature cocktail menu featuring premier German spirits and you have yourself one helluva meat and greet.  Grab your stein and lederhosen and head over to the biergarten for an  über good time.


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