Jackie Greene and Ruston Kelly

So your friends want to go to 6th street tomorrow night. Same old story. Well, to break up the monotony that is dirty 6th, why don’t you suggest going some place you pass by every Saturday night. Time to take the stairs up to the heavenly Parish, where you won’t have to mix with the usual crowd of drunk peasants. Instead you get to experience Jackie Greene and Ruston Kelly play as you watch the craziness ensue below. No longer are you and your friends bottom feeders-but kings in the sky!

Jackie Greene is an accomplished staple in the music scene. He’s original and interweaves playfulness, sorrow and soul in his huge catalog of music. He has been dubbed “The Prince of Americana” by the New York Times which rings true with his country-western and rhythm and blues style. Jackie Greene has built his career around seven recorded albums and touring 125 days a year. He’s a man who prides himself on gaining fans nationwide through intimate performances as well as his involvement in high-profile side projects. His voice is captivating and his instrumental talents are apparent; this show will definitely set you apart from the others tomorrow night.

Jackie Greene

Ruston Kelly

Now onto the notable Ruston Kelly from Nashville, TN. His music is beautiful in it’s simplicity. It strikes a cord to listeners because of his ability to capture the element of story telling in his lyrics. There is a deep sincerity to his writing style that is apparent in songs like “Cardboard Crowd.” His sounds can be compared to Counting Crows or Iron & Wine. Ruston Kelly’s performances speak to listeners souls, so you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to see him live.


This show will kick off at The Parish tomorrow, Saturday 9/29 at 8:00pm.Get your tickets here. You can also like the event on Do512 for a chance to win free tickets. So set yourself apart from the 6th st. crowd this Saturday and enjoy some really great artists.

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