Eagle Claw “Timing of the Void” album release show!

Bart Butler, Mike Gonz, Matt Rade, & Luther Smalls

EAGLE CLAW! Need we say more? No! Well, too bad we are anyway. These guys are no stranger to the Austin metal scene and are quickly gaining notoriety to first time metal fans as well. How do they do it? Eagle Claw has a unique sound that’s so addictive, it draws people from all walks of life into realizing how awesome metal can be.


Eagle Claw’s shows are pretty amazing, we know from personal experience. One of the main drawing points of these artists is that they are all instrumental. Fans get to really enjoy their sound without being distracted by unrecognizable screaming. Their music really does speak louder than words, and believe us when we say the louder the better. Each song takes you on a journey with incredible heavy riffs and innovative change ups.

You are in luck if you’re a new fan or if you’re a long devoted head banger. Either title is a win-win because Eagle Claw will be having a kick ass show at Hotel Vegas for their newest album, “Timing of the Void.” The new album comes just in time as Eagle Claw is about to head out on a month long tour opening for The Sword-who are no strangers to Austin. This show will feature special guests MigasCurse the Heavens, and The Well.


Migas will also share the stage this Friday, which is very exciting because the band only plays about 2-3 times every year. Curse the Heavens and The Well offer their unique blend of doom metal mixed influence by well known artists such as Black Sabbath and Sonic Youth. Undoubtedly, these artists will bring it and continue to be a staple in the Austin metal scene.

Do not miss your chance to catch this show at Hotel Vegas this Friday, Oct. 5th. It is an all ages show and cover is only $5 and $10 for minors. Also be sure to pick up the brand spanking new “Timing of the Void” vinyl. It’s custom made and sure to be a great addition to your collection.

Hot off the press "Timing of the Void" vinyl

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