God Forgives. Rick Ross Doesn’t. Maybach Music at the Frank Erwin Center–Be There or Incur Rick Ro$$’$ Wrath

Rick Ro$$ used to be a correctional officer in the early 90′s.

Rick Ross once had two seizures in one day, and survived.

Rick Ross wears a diamond-encrusted necklace with his own face on it. We can only speculate that his necklace wears a necklace of his face, and so on.

My necklace wears a necklace of me and that necklace of me wears a necklace of me and that necklace of me wears a necklace of me. Get out of here, Xzibit!

Rick Ross once started a feud with 50 Cent, because he didn’t appreciate the way Fitty was looking at him during the BET awards. Later, 50 Cent claimed not to even remember encountering Ross at the ceremony. Since then the two have been feuding harder than LiLo and Paris in a crowded nightclub. While the 50 Cent rap of disapproval would be enough to bowl over the career of most rappers (and has), Ross emerged relatively unscathed only to become an unexpected and elite arbiter of the hip hop game.

I inexplicably want to give Rick Ross a long hug. Perhaps it’s his football player teddy bear physique or his peacock Miami attitude that doesn’t quit–and not to emasculate the guy lest he comes out with a slew of songs denigrating my persona–but something about that large bearded dude thunders, “I’ll take care of you.”

He's all like, "Gimme a hug." (Photo from the official Rick Ross Facebook)

Taking care of his boys is exactly what Ross does with his record label imprint, Maybach Music Group. Since its inception in 2009 he’s signed a range of artists to the label, ranging from those unheard of such as Masspike Miles to reviving careers of endangered rappers like Wale. Ross is perfectly willing to lend his presence in mixtapes in order to ensure the future of his artists, as they struggle with burgeoning rap careers. Despite his unexpected rise to fame, the business-savvy Ross possesses an undoubtedly indiscriminate ear when it comes to recruiting and investing in talent. Those left by the wayside due to the ever-changing callous and merciless rap game are, to Ross, talented business prospects worth investing in. He fearlessly imbues proteges with the means to succeed, triumph, and dominate.

Meek Mill’s “Believe Me” ft Dave Patten, HIGHLY recommended.

The Maybach Music Group tour will be hitting the Frank Erwin Center on November 11. Featuring Meek MillWale, and (of course) Rick Ro$$, with special guests Machine Gun Kelly and DJ Scream. Observe Wale’s rise from hip hop death and Meek Mill’s ascent into his own style.

"Just smoking a joint shirtless in my diamonds." Photo credit Rolling Stone


- @do512_Neda

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