One World Theatre Brings World Art To Bee Cave

Since its inception, the debate over what constitutes as art has roared. What exactly qualifies is very much open to debate, and often boils down to semantics. What is almost universally accepted is that art is intended to affect the viewer or listener, or even to inspire. Do video games count? Well, it depends on who you ask. What inspires some might fall flat upon others, and that is the essence of the subjectivity of art. More narrowly, art can be intended to inspire an appreciation for the human spirit, or some aspect of it, and elicit a reaction in an experiential format. Great art does this, and Haart Stearns appreciated this fact upon absorbing as much world art as he could. Studying under an assortment of international percussionists and participating in several world music projects, he came to realize that we are all very much a part of One World.

In the 1990′s, he and his wife Nada formed a registered non-profit, One World, to reflect this philosophy. With it, he brought diverse musical groups to similarly assorted communities and schools to strengthen their appreciation for global art. In furtherance of this ideal, the pair opened One World Theatre in 1999 to bring such essential talents onto one stage. Since its inception, acts ranging from Little Feat to War have graced the Bee Cave location, with upcoming acts including Spyro Gyra and Gallagher. Like I said, pretty diverse stuff.

We’re honored to announce that One World is our newest partner. One World is committed to providing quality music and acts to the Austin area, and since we are committed to informing you about the best events in Austin, this is a perfect fit! We’re excited to be working with them and look forward to drawing your attention to some breathtaking performances in one of the most over-looked venues in Austin.

What’s more, the scenic hillside One World Theatre is nestled on is a critically lauded locale for weddings and private events, with dazzling horizons and vistas galore. They still throw events showcasing world music and art to children, and they even have paintings realized during select music performances. Expression is paramount inside One World Theatre, and its commitment to inspiring the human spirit is obvious. It’s not set in stone what art is, but you are sure to find it within their stone walls.

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