Benny Benassi at Emo’s, Oct 17th


So you think that job is going well for you, ey? Great. Your relationship is moving forward towards the right path?  Aw, that’s cute. So, you got a perfect 4.0 GPA last semester? Awesome. So you feeling satisfied with your life, huh?

No, no no!

You haven’t experienced what satisfaction truly feels till you see Benny Benassi live…

Benny Benassi puts the word satisfaction to shame and constructed a whole new meaning, a more pleasurable, entertaining and gratifying meaning. A satisfaction that is only achievable by experiencing him live at Emo’s.

And as complicated as that sounds, all he has to do to get you satisfied goes like this….

Push me and then just touch me, til I can get my. SATISFACTION.
Push me and then just touch me, til I can get my. SATISFACTION.
Push me and then just touch me, til I can get my. SATISFACTION.


Let me break it down for you…


Skillz. It’s no surprise Benny is successful and loved by many. Benny has the talent, the ability, to manipulate and create music that turns into party anthems around the globe.


Accomplishments. This could go on forever. Ok, let’s start with the recent DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs, putting Benny #27. In 2008, Benny won the Best Remixed Recording at the 50th Grammy Awards for his remix of Public Enemy’s Bring the Noise. In 2006, he opened for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and on the same year, he won an EBBA Award. In 2004, he had three nominations at Dancestar, became #18 in DJ MAG’s Top 100 DJs, and won European Border Breakers Award for Hypnotica. With many more accomplishment in the past years, but of course not to forget to mention his summer club hit “Satisfaction” in 2002.


Turntablism. Yes, it’s a real word. Benny is known as the “Master of Turntablism.” Benny can produce those master-mixes of heavy beats and addictive tunes all in the spot, right in front of you. He can counts beats and mix any songs better than Einstein can do math. True Story.


Iconic. One of the most internationally recognized respected artist in the music industry. Benny is known as the “Grandfather of Electro.”  Worked with many other iconic artist such as Madonna, Public Enemy and Outkast, just to name a few.


Swag. This dude has Swag, no doubt.  Yes, I just used the word swag. But it’s only acceptable to use the word if the person you are referring to has real swag, such as Benny Benassi.


Fire. Benny has got that fire, bringing the heat to clubs and headlined to many festivals worldwide. Spreading the heat to festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival and many more!


Atmosphere. A place packed with tons of love and energy that’s ready to let out and get wild through music. A contagious atmosphere that can cause freaky and wild things to spawn.


Creativity. Emerging from house to electro, took Benassi’s success world wild success. With a distinct electro sounds, hits and remixes. Benny is a musical prodigy, and many DJs worldwide have claimed to be influenced by his creativity.


Tenderhearted. This world megastar DJ is to known and described by many as the most “down to earth, charming, humble guy despite his fame.


Incomparable. It’s a indescribable feeling to have the presence of Benny Benassi right in front of you. Laying out his tantalizing music for you to experience. You will feel like as if you were cast under a spell.


Orgasmic. Hot, sweaty, bodies dancing all over each other while sharing the same love for music and Bennassi. Mmmm….


Nasty. Nasty as in ill with skill, as in straight up sick. As in if you’re not at Emo’s Wednesday, Oct 17 you will never feel what it is to be satisfied.


Accompanying this satisfying madness is Chicago’s electro trio KREWELLA and all the way from Milan, electric duo PinkIsPunk.

Check em out….












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