Leslie & The Ly’s at Beauty Balroom 10/06

Attention Junior Gems! Leslie Hall a.k.a. Mother Gem is going to be brining the hits to Beauty Ballroom this Saturday night! The internet sensation is coming along with all of the LY’s from Ames, Iowa for all of her fans to come party with her. Now, some of you might be asking who are Leslie and the LY’s. It’s a valid question in case you’ve never heard of her. Here’s the answer!

So yeah, just give that a minute to sink in, to reflect on what you just watched. Let’s be honest for a second, that was awesome. Hilarious and awesome and a great internet video. Leslie Hall made her name with the kind of funny internet videos like the one above, and along with other videos and albums she has built up quite a large following. She was featured on VH1′s Greatest Internet Superstars list as well as G4. Although her most awesome famous accomplishment was being featured on the one show that only few aspiring musicians can even dream of reaching. Yo Gabba Gabba. You can watch that here too.
So now that you’ve watched one of the most fun and heart-warming videos you’ve seen in a while, let me tell you even more reasons why you should come out Saturday night. Leslie and the LY’s have curated The Mobile Museum of Gem Sweaters, which serves as the group’s tour vehicle and official museum. Hopefully, they’ll bring it down this weekend, but either way, t’s going to be awesome. You can like this page for a chance to win tickets, and then you have to stomp once for Britney, twice for Beyonce, and three times if you wanna hear Leslie get nasty. You know you want to.

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