Wanna DJ Soundsystem Fest @ ACL Live? This could be your BIG break!

Attention all DJs, Disc Jockeys, Masters of the “wicka-wicka”:

We present to you the opportunity, maybe of a lifetime, to spin your 1’s and 2’s and drop some phat beats for the SOUNDSYSTEM FEST party peoples.  This is your chance to join the likes of famed EDM (electronic dance music) purveyors Flight Facilities, RAC, Dirty Vegas, Classixx and Austin’s own Andrew Parsons.  If you need a little tweaking, Dub Academy could help you out, as they will also be hosting the outdoor stage. On the Night of All Hallow’s Eve, ACL Live will transform into a titillating sensory combustion of historic accounts.  Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Kaskade- Heard of those guys?  If you’re not living under a rock, you know that these dudes have the best, most electric, state of the art light shows.  Welp, those same designers are bringing their skills to the fest, because you can’t have a state of the art sound system and a sucky light show- right?  If that’s not enough incentive, 101 X will be in the house.  THIS could be your BIG break!  You will strut yo stuff on the main stage, not that there’s anything wrong with the side stage, but you’ll be front and center.

It’s oh-so-easy to enter.  All ya gotta do is submit your best original track and recruit your friends to vote now through midnight of October 21.  If you don’t have friends, you better do some twitter campaigning stat.  Or bring us pizza and red bull (kidding. sort of).

SOUNDSYSTEM is slated to be the predominant Halloween event geared to EDM fans, showcasing some of the world’s top DJ’s and Artists, combined with an extremely elaborate production that will completely transform the space,” stated Steve Levine, Partner and Head of ICM Partners Concerts Department.

Good luck, little homies, and remember me when you’re big and famous.


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