Who Is Mr. Dark? Ghoulwill Ball 2012

Deep in the midnight shadows of the city, a mystery is brewing as we approach the most haunting holiday of the year. Whispers echo throughout the streets of a strange figure who has arrived in Austin, though no one particularly knows much about him. Rumors say that he has evacuated all of the bats from the Congress Avenue bridge. Legend has it that he has been traveling the country for the past century, bringing his carnival of weird wonders and delights everywhere he appears. Only a select few know his true identity, but the rest call him by a pseudonym, the elusive Mr. Dark.

Who is this mysterious Mr. Dark, you might ask. Well, to be honest we’re not really sure either. The only thing we do know is that even though he operates mostly in the dead of night, only appearing around Halloween, he has a soft spot in his heart for charitable organizations. That is why he has come to our quiet town to team up with Goodwill Austin to throw what might possibly the most elegant, mysterious, and exciting Halloween party of the year, the Ghoulwill Ball 2012. Mr. Dark plans to light up the darkened ballroom of the W Hotel on the evening of October 26, in what promises to be a shining beacon of darkness to mystify all who dare to enter. Tickets are available for all brave souls for this grand ball, and for those even braver who dare to try and unlock the enigma that is Mr. Dark, Goodwill has provided us with a quest to find the answers.

Like many of our adventurous readers, we were not satisfied without knowing the true identity of this shrouded figure who is responsible for throwing the most anticipated party of the year. We snooped around dark alleyways and abandoned buildings throughout, but came up empty. Finally, we went to Goodwill to try and find answers, and were greeted with a puzzle to solve. However, we cannot ascertain the identity of Mr. Dark on our own, and desperately need your help to solve this dark riddle. In the next few weeks leading up to the event, we will be posting questions to try and uncover the true identity of Mr. Dark.

The clues will be posted on our Facebook page and Twitter page sporadically throughout the weeks. The only way to find the correct clues that can answer the questions and find out who the real identity of Mr. Dark is to visit the Facebook page of Goodwill Austin. As soon as the questions go live online, the clue will be posted on Goodwill, which you can use to reply to the post and answer the question. Out of all the people who answer correctly, anywhere from 1-3 winners per contest will be chosen at random to receive a prize of a $25 gift card, or maybe even the grand prize of tickets to the Ghoulwill Ball on October 26. This is an exciting opportunity to not only solve the mystery behind Mr. Dark, but to also win some super awesome prizes.

Make sure to keep up with our Facebook and Twitter pages for the next couple weeks to see when the questions are posted so you can have a chance to win. In the words of the Eastern European mercenaries who kidnapped Liam Neeson’s daughter, “good luck”.

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