Matt & Kim at Stubb’s

If only every love story could be like that of Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino’s, the magical, musical duo that makes up Matt & Kim. At first glance, it’s the classic “boy meets girl in college and both get bitten by the lovebug” scenario. Sounds like a very been there, done that story, am I right? Well stick with me on this one kids, because their tale gets much more interesting than that…

Photo via Matt & Kim's Facebook Page

Not long after they began dating, the couple decided to make a band. The kicker? At the time, neither of them knew how to play the instruments that they’ve come to be known for. In fact, Schifino had never even played an instrument in her life, period. So, Kim decided to give the drums a bang or two, and Matt took on the keys and vocals. A mere seven years later, the couple has seen more success than some bands who’ve been rocking together for decades.

One of their first singles, “Daylight,” really helped get their names on the map. Chances are you’ve probably heard it at least once. Its catchy tempo and odd lyrics combine to make it one of those go-to, insta-happy tunes. It first got buzz when it was featured in a Bacardi Commercial in 2009. Ever since then, it seems like it’s been played everywhere from various shows like Entourage and Skins to video games, like FIFA and Sims. They’ve also had a number of their other songs featured in various commericals and movie trailers and have toured with big names like Blink-182. Needless to say, this couple has been tasting the lollipop of success, and they’re savoring every sugar-filled lick.

With their latest album release, Lightning, Matt & Kim are keeping the fire burning strong. And their upcoming show at Stubb’s invites you to feel heat. Matt & Kim know how to get the crowd pumped with their copious amounts of energy and songs that’ll make you dance until your pants fall off (and even after that). So grab your tighest belt and make your way out to Stubbs on Saturday, October 20th. Matt & Kim will be joined by the equally dance-worthy and fellow New Yorkers, Oberhofer, and it’ll be show you’ll be happy you didn’t miss!

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