Xavier Rudd at Beauty Ballroom 10/17

Well known around the festival circuit, that’s how Australian singer-songwriter Xavier Rudd has made a name for himself. He’s made the rounds–Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, High Sierra, Lowlands–the usual camping circuit. Rudd definitely fits the mold for such festivals, being of the barefooted didgeridoo-playing variety. Often citing heavy topics such as spirituality, humanity, and the environment, on most weekends he can be found drinking shroom tea, wearing a poncho, and playing with his drum circle on campus.

Kidding about the last three. Serious about the song subjects. Rudd is also outspoken about animal and human rights, particularly the rights of the indigenous Aboriginal peoples–an incredibly important human rights issue in Australia which Rudd helps to bring awareness to. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, he often plays with three didgeridoos in front of him as well as a guitar, bass guitar, a stompbox at his feet, banjos, harmonicas, and bells assorted around his person.

Xavier Rudd look-a-like Vaughn from an episode of "Community"

Xavier Rudd. Seeing a similarity?

Although many at the office (okay, only me) are left wondering if Xavier Rudd’s nipples are as tiny as Vaughn from Community’s, there is no doubt when it comes to his talent and heart. His seventh studio album, “SPIRIT BIRD” was released last June and he is currently on a U.S. tour supporting it. His live shows are purported chill dance parties that keep the audience mesmerized. Paste Magazine claims, “He combines soft, melodic vocals with unique instrumentals to create a sound that is all at once inspiring and heartbreaking.” His music is indeed genre-crossing, ranging from chill feel good Jack Johnson-esque guitar playing to heart-rending folk to surf reggae, all whilst maintaining the thought-provoking themes he’s known for.

Here is an example of the beauty and themes present in his music.

His show will be at Beauty Ballroom on October 17, where Rudd will be playing with Yeshe. Doors open at 8 and tickets can be found here.

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