Cheaper Than Therapy – Just as Effective. Sleigh Bells Live at La Zona Rosa 10/17

You know what blows? Trying to cover up a black spider bite (cute) on your calf with tights only to find that your tights have more holes than Mitt Romney’s story for leaving his dog on the roof of his car. Zooey D you are not. Blink blink. Still not. It’s not one of those mornings. It’s one of those weeks. Hell, it’s one of those months.

“What are you going to be for Halloween?” “I DON’T FRITATA KNOW OK? I have the rest of my life to figure this out 30 is the new 20 and no, I don’t think I’m going to meet him in a bar I just like going to the bar because I feel alive there and what if I do meet him there and I get that the economy sucks but like I should have more than $32 in my bank account right…RIGHT?! Mother of pearl…what’d you ask?”

Consider this blog post the comfort equivalent of pie…and sit down. Now’s the time for your comeback, kid.

There are better ways to rid yourself of frustration than power drinking your roommate’s Shiners and dying your hair ombre (overrrrr it) and the main one is attend the slamming rager of a live show that is Sleigh Bells.

Photo by Paste Magazine

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you should quit that. Sleigh Bells is the Brooklyn based power duo Derek Edward Miller and Alexis Krauss *who was pursing a Rhodes Scholarship at the time they met* that recently released their second full length album, Reign of Terror, this past February. Poison the Well fans may remember Miller as being the guitarist in the hardcore band for about six years. Krauss was busy teaching Spanish in the Bronx when she decided to leave and pursue her thunder. Quiet is not something either of these two are good at.

We iz quiet? No.

Their first single, Tell ‘Em, literally has kitchen floor sock sliding, hairbrush singing, movie montage written all over it. It makes you want to punch things and dance like no one is watching…non-ironically. THAT is musical prowess.

Tons of volume, pounding beats, wild lights and the screams of Krauss authoritatively demanding sweat from her audience is the ultimate in stress relief.  Not to mention that on a scale of one to badass she’s a smokin 13. Watch and weep:

Hot hot damn yes here here I am. Good job girlfrannn!

Two years ago, there were people that waited SEVEN HOURS to see these guys downtown during SXSW but lucky for you, they’re back and they are packing just as much heat as they were then.  Take a chunk out of that last $32 in your bank account (OR WIN FREE TICKETS) and commit to using the off brand paper towels that fall apart in the commercial when cleaning the blue liquid for the rest of the month in order to go to this show. Worth it, cheaper than therapy, and you’ll leave feeling like you can take on the world. We promise. Welcome back, Starshine. You’ll be ok.

Peace out sleigh scouts.


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