Be Smart, Smell Nice – Perfume Genius at Central Presbyterian Church 10/18

There’s a special level of Dante’s Inferno for fragrance models. We’re not even talking about those kiosks in the middle of the mall where they’re like “hey what’s up can I straighten your eyebrow hairs for you two seconds two seconds hand cream? Two seconds…” Those will implode and catch fire right here on earth. No, we’re talking fragrance models like in the fancy stores. That’s what they’re called. Fragrance models.

With a collective history of past retail experience, including working in the cosmetic/fragrance/clusterfunk department of those swanky mall stores, we oughta know. You’re walking along thinking about how you really love your complexion in florescent lighting and BAM spritz! an attack cloud of holy water hits you and you smell like Kate Spade’s “Twirl” and you. don’t. twirl.

Oh not your thing? Here’s Tom Ford’s lemongrass something with a blackberry overlay – Chanel is a classic if you think this smells like death and sorrow you’re obviously lacking all sophistication do you have a boyfriend hewouldsmellreallyhotinRalphlAUREN. Matthew McConney totes wears this.


Maybe not, but Perfume Genius certainly does. He’s like what would happen if James Blake, Youth Lagoon and Sufjan had a beautiful, happy, healthy baby.

Seattle native, Mike Hadreas, starting composing music back in 2008 under the moniker, Perfume Genius. Isolation in New York due to a sudden move was the initial driver for the honesty behind his piano backed lyrics. Since then, his most recent release, Put Your Back N 2 It, has received claps n snaps from the chamber pop loving music blogging sect including some major lovin from love em or hate em, Pitchfork.

The album’s Spotify preview single, Hood, perfectly captures that angst-y, terrifying, butterfly dominated sensation of grabbing someone new’s face for the first time and knowing, dark skeletons and all, you’re going to love them. It leaves you with chills, goosebumps, and all sorts of other bodily betrayal sensations and that – my friends – is good music. Don’t expect any of his other songs to leave you feeling fluffy. The subject matter of his music may take minutes to sing about, but extensive thought and conversation to fully dissect. Let this La Blogotheque Take Away melt you:

Beautiful, intricate, poetic, loaded and dark. On All Waters, Hadreas cries for a world where he and his boyfriend/musical collaborator could hold hands in public or in side pants pockets as freely as a straight woman can to her boyfriend.

Consider this show your perfect musical come down from the madness that is ACL and revisit quieter sounds that make you think. Perfume Genius will be playing Thursday night with Dusted at Central Presbyterian Church.

Come smelling as you are. As long as you catch this performance, you’re a genius in our book.

“No secret/No matter how nasty/Can poison your voice/Or keep you from joy.” – Perfume Genius, “Normal Song”



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