“Devil’s Night Out” w/ Reverend Horton Heat at Emo’s

It’s Saturday night. You’ve had one hell of a week and need something fun to do to blow off some steam. But your favorite bar is becoming a tad too routine, and you’ve seen about every Redbox available in the McDonald’s kiosk.  So what to do? Well, look no further for the best remedy for a roundhouse-kick-in-the-face kind of week than with Reverend Horton Heat!

Photo Via the Reverend Horton Heat's Official Facebook Page

Reverend Horton Heat is the rockabilly, bum bum shaking, musical baby of Jim Heath. Bringing a new twist to the genre, Heath combines some vintage Texas country, classic swing, and a dash of satirical humor . It’s the kind of music that’ll make you want to grab a partner and dance the night away. The kind of music that’ll make you say, “a round of beers on me, everybody!” with folks you just met at the bar. The kind of music that’ll make you excited to be celebrating a night in the great state of Texas. It’ll just make you plain giddy, and who doesn’t love that feeling? Songs by Reverend Horton Heat have been featured in Mazda and Boston Market commericals (to name a few), and they were even  the theme band for the well-known cartoon, Johnny Bravo. Whoaaaa momma!

Forget that jerk who cut you off on I-35 or that bird who decided that your car was the golden target for little aim practice, and come have some fun with The Rev! Reverend Horton Heat will be playing at Emo’s on Saturday, October 20th at 9 pm with Tejano punk band, Piñata Protest.

Tickets to the show are only $5 but let’s add a little spice, shall we? If you come dressed up as the devil you get in FOR FREE. Don’t pass up a great time with music to match. So put on those horns of fire and go to the Reverend Horton Heat show!


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