Over the Edge at Hyatt Regency Austin

With ACL behind us and F3F yet a month away, we’re faced with the ennui blues. The tedious drudgery of daily life has returned to the forefront of our consciousness, heightened by the lack of pumping adrenaline we’d been surviving off all weekend. (We weren’t surviving off sleep, that’s for sure.) That is to say: after this weekend above all weekends, DAMN does this city have an intense case of the Mondays. (And possibly the shakes.)

Time to detox. At the risk of sounding like monumental junkies, we’re in considerable need of something to tide us over until F3F.

These are words: Thrill. Impulse. Passion. Stimuli. Adventure. Are these words vibing with you? If they’re not, we can’t be friends. If they are: pssst. I know a way we can get our kicks….

Do512 Kristin is crazy like whaaat.


Rappelling against a high-rise for the benefit of other human beings. Obviously. Stay with me here. Over the Edge is an event sponsored by and geared to raise money for the Special Olympics. Get your adrenaline pumping by rappelling down 17 stories of hotel at the downtown Hyatt on the lake. Support over 44,000 Special Olympics Texas athletes by raising funds and your heart rate. Individual participants who raise a minimum of $1,000 will get the experience of rappelling down the Hyatt.

1) Earn karma by doing something for a great cause.

2) It’s good for your health–you know you definitely drank and smoked too much last weekend.

3) Excitement. Get out of the office and add some freaking spice to your life, you sad sack of boredom.

Boom. Register and get more info here. This badass event will be taking place on the 27th at 8 a.m. GET PUMPED!

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