GWAR w/ Devildriver & Cancer Bats at Emo’s 10/25

Everyone knows Austin is a great city for music lovers, and for the most part, our wonderful city gets associated with country, folk, and southern rock music, a very big scene in this central Texas town of course. However, what most people don’t realize is that Austin gets some of the best metal shows coming through, as anyone who has been to the black stage at Fun Fun Fun Fest can attest to. Now you may have been to a metal show and experienced giant circle pits, thrashing, and overall moshing, and you may think you’re pretty tough, that you’ve seen it all. The thing is, you probably haven’t seen a band decked out from head to toe in monstrous costumes. You probably haven’t seen replicas of controversial political figures brutally mutilated on stage. You probably haven’t been drenched in fake blood and guts being spewed uncontrollably and unrelentingly from the stage. You probably haven’t seen GWAR.

Yeah, that’s something you don’t see every day. Gwar have been the worldwide leader in spraying audiences with fake blood since 1984, and have been building their audience steadily ever since. Part of what makes them awesome is that even with the costumes and supply of various harmless liquids they shoot off the stage, they are much more than a gimmick band, winning over their large fan base with uncompromising thrash metal that rocks harder than most of the tunes you’ve listened to. They may have begun as a joke band in the mid-80s, but they have since evolved into legends with 12 albums of awesome metal. Part of how they stay relevant is by brutally lampooning popular figureheads of politics and entertainment, and with an election coming up in three weeks, you should be able to expect some fiery rhetoric along with insane thrashing.

Luckily, you get the chance to see the amazing Gwar next Friday, October 25 at Emo’s as part of the Fate or Chaos Tour with a lineup that is just stacked. Taking the stage right before Gwar is the Californian metal band DevilDriver, a band with influences from groove metal and death metal whose music has been featured on everything from the Resident Evil movies to Scrubs. If you’re a fan of heavy and intense metal, you can’t go wrong with hits like “Dead to Rights” or “Clouds Over California“. Also playing are the punk/metal band Cancer Bats and the New Zealand metal group Legacy of Disorder. It’s definitely going to be a night to remember with a lineup this impressive, topped off by one of the most memorable shows you’ll ever watch. What’s even better is that if you go to like this page, you’ll have a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show! If you’re still not convinced, here is a hilarious video of Gwar covering “Carry On My Wayward Song” by Kansas. It will probably be the best thing you watch all week, and another reason why you need to be at Emo’s next friday night

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  1. Dean Bolton says:

    I took my daughter 17 too see Gwar on the 25th we drove two hours to see them payed $20 a peice for tickets , bought t-shirts & people were smoking weed all around us well I have nothing against it but it is illegal ! Any way I was drinking a beer that is legal ! I bought it in emos ! Well right before Gwar comes on I had set my beer down for a second and my daughter had a sip ( not against the law with there parent there ) so the head of sercurity kicked us both out & told me that if he catches someone smoking pot he just makes them put it out and gives them a warning but kicks us out and we didn’t get to see GWAR my daughter was crying and I am very upset over this matter and it will get resolved ! I want that guy fired at the very least ! I will not stop until something get done about this ! I called my lawyer today going too see him Monday !

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