Get Your Thrash On With Saint Vitus and Weedeater

You may want to go ahead and start stretching out now for the body thrashing and pit jumping that Thursday night will bring you.  We can’t say for sure that they are the soul fathers of doom metal, but one thing is certain, you won’t walk out disappointed and will likely be drenched in sweat from head to fatigued toes.

Thirty years later, and Saint Vitus has managed to mark their territory on metal s their tour comes to Austin with the original 1978 line up in tact.  This band, heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and once touring partners with Black Flag, knows a thing or two about melting your face with some serious metal.  Heavily shrouded in darkness, Saint Vitus will have you whipping around and moving every bone in your body.  After making their way through various labels and more ridiculously a 17 year hiatus of recording, this band is back together all in the name of metal.

Saint Vitus










Weedeater, a Wilmington, SC born sludge metal band has worked the crowd with their gritty energy since 1997 will be thrashing around with Saint Vitus for an absurd night in Austin at Beauty Ballroom on Thursday, 10/18.  Get there early to start off the night with Sourvein, who have rotated out members with Weedeater and the like to continue on with their doom/metal influenced sound. You may be sweating and disheveled at the end of this show, but all is fair in love and heavy metal.


For tickets: Saint Vitus at Beauty Ballroom


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