The Dirty Dozen Cleans Up With Funky Freshness

Close your eyes. You’re in New Orleans, taking in the French Quarter vibe. What do you see? Creole townhouses lining the block? Perhaps a scent of beignets floats by as you order yourself a bowl of gumbo? Imagine the sound of streetcars clattering by as you pass the casinos on your way to the banks of the Mississippi. Do you hear a commotion coming from Frenchmen Street? Perhaps that’s a hobo throwing a trash can your way. Duck!


The things you might encounter in a trip to New Orleans might have a stereotypical air about them, but the Crescent City is anything but. Some aspects might seem typical, but one that hasn’t for over 25 years is the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Their funk is as atypical as their success, having toured successfully over much of their career and the globe. The Dirty Dozen has released over a dozen records and appeared alongside Elvis Costello and Modest Mouse, among others. The R&B-infused big brass sound they honed has influenced generations of beboppers and funk masters alike, and they are once more traveling from the Big Easy to the 512.

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is performing at Antone’s this Saturday at 9 with the fully funkified Flyjack, and with chances to win at Do512 there is no reason not to quickstep down to 5th Street. It’s as close to Bourbon Street you can get without stepping in murky sewer juice.

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