Win a tailgate sponsored by Never Hungover!

We’ve got spirit, yes we do!  We’ve got spirit, how bout you?!  


Oh the excitement of football season.  There is no other time when dressing like everyone else and walking from cooler to cooler, grabbing (stealing) beers and sausage links is socially acceptable.  Drinking and hollering is inevitable, whether your team wins or loses.  One thing that doesn’t have to be inevitable, is a hangover the next day.  With college game day on Saturday and then an entire day of NFL action the following day, there is no time to be laid up on the couch.  Heard of Never Hungover?  These mad scientists have actually come up with a way to avoid the dreaded next day headache-nausea-fatigue symptoms that question your entire existence.  Vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants and amino acids are all thrown into the caldron to produce this mysterious potion.  Witch Doctors, anyone?

While you’re tweeting about that total BS call the replacement ref just made or that you snagged the last Shiner beer, you should tag #NeverHungover in your tailgating photo to win your very own tailgate sponsored by the fine people of this mysterious miracle mixer.  This is big time.  Will you be as generous as others have been to you?  Will you share your ice cold libations, slow-cooked BBQ, satellite TV, and shelter with your fellow fans?   Karma, my friends.  The most school spirit wins, so get creative and tweet away.


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