PongRock: Shuffleboard

Tired of being judged by friends and family about your drinking habits and lifestyle? Don’t you wish they would just understand? Dudes, we feel your pain… drink your troubles away because we’ve found the solution to get those negative nancys off yo back and show em that you in fact, have a great thing going on. It’s your time to shine!

Grab a drink and keep reading…

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It all started with an innocent game of pingpong in the garage of Dustin Maxey and Richard Panter back in 2010, while pounding down a beer or two or three or maybe four, but probably more. Of course, after a few drinks, always comes a brilliant drunken idea. “We want to start a ping pong league where we’re good!” Everybody claims to be great at anything when drunk. Don’t judge, its called confidence!

Can you sense the sarcasm above? Because ironically, this was unlike many drunken ideas. Stay with us with this one. After Maxey and Panter realized that they’re actually not so great at ping pong, they also realized not so many of us are not so great at it. Hence, PongRock: A social ping pong drinking league. Specially designed for players who think they’re a pro (after a couple of beers), enjoy meeting new people and want to have a great time. PongRock currently holds tournaments for the games of PingPong and Cornhole. And with the success and popularity of the current games and tournaments held, PongRock is introducing a new game…

PongRock: Shuffleboard
Never heard of it? That’s ok, it’s an easy game to play with simple rules, (not too much remember) safe, (not a physical game) and anyone can participate.  If you haven’t noticed, this is a drunk-friendly game. Actually, all the  games of PongRock are meant to be drunk-friendly. NO restrained (sober) competitors allowed.

Perks of PongRock members includes: Free bar tabs, weekly drink specials, and other cool prizes. All events/tournaments are held at various bars around town. So why not join the league, you’ll be hanging out at the bars anyway.

So grab your balls, drinks, headbands, friends, more drinks and warm up your paddles. It’s about to go down!


Check out PongRock’s website for more details: http://www.pongrock.com

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