The Cult at Stubb’s 10/24 You Know You Want To

Get up, dust off your party denim and get ready to rock with The Cult, who’s back on tour and playing Stubb’s on 10/24.  It’s not easy to keep doing what these guys have been doing for over three decades but when rock and roll is inside you, there is no other option. On Wednesday October 24th, Stubb’s will be hit with a punk infused good time.

The Cult, 1987



Head on back to the good ole’ days when jean vests, big hair, and an ‘anything-goes’ attitude were king.  The Cult embody more than just an influential punk-rock band, but an overall mentality of an era that can’t be touched.  After 9 full length albums since 1984, their 2012 release of “Choice of Weapon” has fused past and present weighted in the words and creation of something fresh between old friends.  Lead singer, Ian Astbury, and drummer, Billy Duffy, have once again solidified their place among rock greats.  Their british roots, and influences such as Velvet Underground,  The New York Dolls and David Bowie might tell you a little bit about the ridiculous night in store when they stomp onto the stage at Stubb’s outdoor.

Don’t say no.  Gear up in leather, denim, teased hair, or anything that makes you happy and get out to Stubb’s for a hip twisting, beer soaking, love making time.

For Tickets to this punk-rock night o’fun: Check ‘em here

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