Shpongle at Emo’s… Welcome to Shpongleland

Holy guacamole this band is some serious fun!  The feeling once Shpongle begins to surround you with their world beat, psychedelic, electronic dance sound is rivaled by no other.  Tonight at Emo’s you have a chance to get down and boogie, throw out your inhibitions and let your body move.  Shpongle Presents The Mascarade is the DJ collaboration of two men who have been creating and performing together for a decade of euphoric and positive energy clouded around each venue they take over.


Shpongle's Hallucinogen and Raja Ram

Shpongle, in a sense, is just as crazy, haze filled, and smile worthy as the name sounds.  Their music wizardry will kick your ass and hug your heart with drums, flute, synthesizer and good time having moments.  Playing along with Shpongle is the one man outfit, Phutureprimitive.  His music, upbeat and at times heavily flooded with downtempo bass lines and trance like dubstep, will do wonders for your post work Friday vibes.  Go ahead, get out to Emo’s this Friday night and prepare your body and soul to get wrapped up in hugs of Phutureprimitive’s performance and Shpongle sound.  Welcome to Shpongleland!

For Tickets: Shpongle at Emo’s

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