Divinity, Homecomings, and Full House

If variety is indeed the spice of life, combinations would be the crushed black pepper. It’s natural to combine similarly choice things (e.g. peanut butter/jelly, marshmallows/chocolate/graham crackers, all the indistinguishable contents of a KFC Famous Bowl), though pairings are not always the best idea (e.g. Metallica/Lou Reed, 4 Loko/sanity, all the indistinguishable contents of a KFC Famous Bowl). When true magic happens, though, you get an ice cream sandwich or a way to get Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos to live in a Bay Area house together. This might be the reason behind the existence of supergroups, which have long coalesced the finer aspects of their respective portfolios (e.g. Broken Social Scene, GAYNGS), but can also involve chance pairings or master sonic precision. Divine Fits deftly marries the former with the latter, as Britt Daniel of Spoon and Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade do great justice to their classic rock inspirations.


Just as a chocolate covered pretzel succeeds due to its combination of sweet and salty, Canadian Boeckner couples well with Austinite Daniel’s southern influence (raised in the not-so-far north— Temple) for a rock that couldn’t be more tight or catchy. They played their first show at the Continental Club back in July and are returning Halloween night at Stubb’s to much anticipation. Unlike those pesky hoodlums that come back every All Hallow’ Evening, this return marks the arrival of a new national icon. For a band that screams supergroup status, Divine Fits shun the title and insist theirs is a lasting project. Semantics aside, we can only hope so.
Appearing with the Fits is Cold Cave, Wesley Eisold’s NYC-based darkwave project. Don’t forget Do512 is giving away a pair of free tickets, and watch Cold Cave’s A Little Death To Laugh:

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  1. Melanie garrety says:

    Devine fits for holloween are the best treats! Great idea!

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