Pong Rock: Arcade Registration Call

MODEL CALL! Get your butts to Kung Fu Saloon, who is now partnering with PongRock to provide you drunken competition!

Kidding. No modeling necessary. Kung Fu Saloon is having a registration call for the PongRock Arcade season – Austin’s first arcade game league. BadASS. The only necessity of anything PongRock is being able to hold your liquor. No wusses allowed! Bring a competitive spirit and your appetite for boozing. And a passion for arcade games, I suppose, although we feel that if you’re an American born circa 70′s, 80′s, or 90′s – a love and affinity for arcade games is a built in predisposition.

Everyone's favorite sexy vixen

Games begin on Monday November 12. Early registration is $40 per person; here are the advantages to joining PongRock:

  • 6 weeks of Arcade tournaments
  • Chances to win a Playstation 3, and lifetime VIP access to any Kung Fu Saloon
  • PongRock Arcade T-shirt
  • Rankings updated each week online
  • Drinks Specials
  • An end of season party finals tournament where we’ll crown our champions
  • Great people, and great times
The arcade season starts with a sweet party at Kung Fu Saloon on November 5, where you can meet competitors, attempt drunken intimidation tactics, wear your sleeveless Mortal Kombat shirt, and re-acquaint with arcade games you perhaps haven’t played in over a decade. Bring your A-game to this, folks, because I can’t promise I’ll go easy when it comes to Street Fighter II. Register here.


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