The Shaolin Warriors Will Flip, Fly, and Fascinate at the Long Center on 11/1

Throw your P90X dvd out the window and cancel your CrossFit session for the day, The Shaolin Warriors will put any workout you may have had in mind to shame. From the moment they take the stage at The Long Center on November 1st, you will be in constant awe of what a human body is capable of.   Years of training from a young age, both mentally and phiscally, make these warriors capable of feats that seem straight out of a comic book.  Your body will be drained and your mind overwhelmed as you try to take in the high intensity, faster than the speed of light demonstrations and choreography you have just experienced.

The Shaolin Warriors

Flip flops on their head, body balancing on spears, 360 leaps in mid air, disciplined combat, and the distinct skill and patience on attainable thru Kung Fu training; The Shaolin Warriors are all around bad ass.  This will definitely not be your typical Thursday night out.  The Long center stage will host a show like none before with this spectacular evening of choreographed skill and imagery only capable by The Shaolin Warriors.  Seriously, don’t try this at home, you will look like a fool.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this.

Go on, get yourself a ticket and be ready to witness what one only thinks possible in the movies.



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  1. We are SO excited about this show! A lot of people see the name and have NO idea what an amazing experience this is…thanks for getting the word out!

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