Heyride Rides to Fun Fun Fun Fest Presented by Do512

Living in Austin, we get the chance to go see a ridiculous amounts of music festivals from SXSW to last month’s ACL, and they’re always great. There’s always great music, nice weather, lots of drinks and hanging out with all your best friends, what’s not to like? Well, if you’re like us, you know that there is one part about music festivals that is a hassle every time – how to get to and from the festival. There is rarely parking nearby, city buses take a long time, and trying to get a cab amongst a crowd of thousands can be nearly impossible. That’s why we’ve decided to partner up with Heyride to change the game up, and have set up a brand new app to get you and your friends where you want to go in a convenient and timely manner just in time for one of the most exciting music festivals of the year, this weekend’s Fun Fun Fun Fest!

Whether you’re looking for a ride back downtown after watching the reunion of rap legends Run DMC, 90s rock legend Bob Mould play his seminal album “Copper Blue” from start to finish for the last time, or watching the second to last American show ever of Swedish hardcore legends Refused, Heyride is exactly the app you need. Rather than aimlessly trying to hail a cab in a crowd of thousands, all you need to do with Heyride is pull up the app on your phone and select “I need a Ride”. From there, the app will hook you up with nearby locals who have offered to drive people around. Using a map that is updated in real time, Heyride helps you connect with people offering to drive, set a cheap price you can both agree on, and pay that electronically with your phone. That means there’s no need for cash in case you spent it all on drinks and tacos at the fest! You don’t even have to tip more than the agreed upon price (although we know our awesome readers always leave tips). We’re really excited to bust out this kickass app for the first time at Fun Fun Fun Fest!

The way the app works is super simple. You start off by loading it to find how many drivers are in your area. From there, you put out a description of where you want to go and submit a request for a ride. The drivers will then see the request and make offers of how much they will charge for that. You then select which offer you like best and they’ll come pick you up. It sounds so easy, there must be a catch, right? WRONG, there isn’t one. Now, there’s probably some of you who for some tragic reason are unable to attend the festival, but are thinking “hey, this sounds like a pretty cool way to make some money, how do I sign up to be a driver?” All you need to do is head over to this site to sign up for driving duties.  The application will ask for a little bit of information about you, your car, and your social media profiles. They will then run a criminal background check on all applicants, and once you get past that, you’ll be good to start making some decent bucks driving people around.

Heyride is an easy-to-use app to connect people looking for rides to and from the festival with people looking to make some quick money driving them around. We’re very excited to unveil it this weekend and can’t wait for y’all to reap the benefits of this super convenient app. Make sure you check it out here and download the app to your phone to begin signing up to either ride or drive come Fun Fun Fun weekend. It’ll be the best decision you make all weekend (other than seeing Refused of course).

To make it even better, if you use Heyride anytime over the three days from Friday to Sunday, you will automatically be entered to win awesome prize packs from Do512 including passes to exclusive lounge sessions. Winners will be announced sporadically throughout the weekend, and all you have to do is use the app. That sounds like a win win win to us!

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