Keller Williams at Antone’s Nov. 3

Ever heard of a music genre called solo acoustic jazzfunk reggae technograss? That is the genre Keller Williams coined to describe his music. Simply put, Keller Williams can be defined as solo acoustic dance music. In other words, a musician one would not want to miss live.

Williams will be performing his solo acoustic dance music at Antone’s on Nov. 3rd. Music critics describe Keller Williams as a mad scientist in the music industry and a one man act for the new millennium. Half of the fun of seeing Keller Williams live is his stage presence. Williams has mastered what many musicians have not, good music with good stage presence. Williams uses a unique technique called looping, which creates the ambiance of a full band without having a full band onstage. William’s catchy lyrics and new age techniques make his shows one of a kind.

Image via Keller William’s Facebook page. 

 Williams has also been known to perform his music barefoot, and stop mid sentence for a break out dance sesh on stage. Be prepared to dance if you go to one of his concerts, as his self proclaimed solo acoustic dance music will make any lover of blue grass or reggae want to boogie on the dance floor.

So come to Antone’s on Nov. 3rd ready to dance and jam out to an amazing one of a kind blue grass performance. With Keller William’s quirky stage presence, and unique techniques this is one performance you will not want to miss!

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