Grace Potter Is Back Hotter Than Kotter

Growing up in the South, I always had my reservations about northerners and their big city wiles. Never mind that I grew up in the ‘burbs of Screwston, those Yankees just don’t sit right with me! They use cabbage for hot dogs, not slaw. They call coke ‘tonic’. One called the Citgo down the street a “bodega’! It just ain’t right! So imagine my bumpkin bewilderment when my friend started hollerin about Grace Potter being a Yank. Here is a lady with a voice that rings with more Southern grit than a bowl with cheese and shrimp, but she’s from Vermont? How could this be?

I tell you, it be. Yankees or not, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals have the tinge of bluesy rock you can’t help but shuffle a boot to. You might even end a sentence with a preposition! With more than 4 albums under their belt and accolades to bolster, their aim might very well be for the dance hall, but just might hit your heart. Their music has been featured in media ranging from One Tree Hill to Tangled¬†and have collaborated with country superstar Kenny Chesney and The Black Keys‘¬†Dan Auerbach, and such co-signs are but a glimpse of the group’s promising future.

Miss Potter and her Nocturnals will be appearing at Stubb’s next Thursday and Friday, with Heartless Bastards and Rayland Baxter (respectively). And luckily for you, you can still win tickets to Friday’s show on Do512. Now quit your fudgin’ and check out the openers:

Heartless Bastards at the Do512 Lounge:

Rayland Baxter:

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