Gram Parsons Birthday Tribute

“Twenty thousand roads I went down, down, down/And they all led me straight back home to you.” Those are the sweet, hopeful words of musical legend, Gram Parsons. Gram was a staple in the country-rock world, making music that has been beloved by many since the late 1960′s. In fact, he made Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest musicians of all time. Needless to say, Gram made an impact on the grand realm of music. However, his life was tragically cut short. At the tender, young age of 26, Gram passed away by drug overdose.

But hold up, guys. This blog post wasn’t written with the intention to depress you. They say that every storm eventually runs out of rain, and the Gram Parsons Foundation is the peering sunshine.

Founded in 2004, Gram Parsons Foundation makes it its mission to support musicians and artists around the world who are suffering from addiction. Through programs teaching education, prevention and awareness through music, Gram Parsons Foundation strives to have a strong youth outreach.

The foundation’s program, Free2Cre8, is ready to make it’s launch. But they need help from awesome people like you. Yes, YOU! On Thursday, November 1st, the foundation will present A Song for Gram at Antone’s. The event will be a fundraiser for Free2Cre8 and is sure to be a memorable night. There will be a raffle with sweet prizes and a house band with great tunes. Sounds like a recipe for a good night out!

A Song For Gram will also be paying tribute to the late Gram Parsons by celebrating his birthday. Who doesn’t love a good cause and a celebration to boot? And if you have to miss out on the fun, you’re encouraged to donate. The Gram Parsons Foundation has done great things for our musical kiddos and will continue on into the future. So come out to celebrate one of music’s greatest pioneers and go to A Song For Gram!

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