Help out Austin Pets Alive!

Puppies and kittens and everything cute. Austin Pets Alive is in dire need of donations to ensure that Austin can continue on as a No Kill city.  We have been keeping our furry friends safe, finding good homes for them without the worry of being euthanized since 2011.  It’s time for our city to step up and help continue the good works of Austin Pets Alive. Be a part of the cause to keep these critters alive and kickin.

Austin is so amazing because of the love and support we have for all our four-legged friends; this is a great example of how you can help keep our pets happy, living, and lookin so darn adorable. “The loss of City funds, our high intake numbers, and the unexpected news that we will need kennel upgrades have all contributed to a perfect storm, We need a big push from the community to get us to the end of the year.” (Dr. Ellen Jefferson, executive director of Austin Pets Alive)

Help keep this guy safe...

Immediate donations are needed by the lovely people of Austin to meet the requirements in order to make sure the Austin Animal Center can house as many creatures as possible until a kind soul adopts one of them. If you have ever had a pet or seen an animal do pretty much anything, you know those suckers are too dang cute.  So go on, help out Austin to continue on as the largest national No Kill city.

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