The Maine and Mayday Parade with The Postelles at Emo’s (11/10)

Let’s play a fun game. I’ll pick a random lyric from each of the bands playing on November 10th at Emo’s. Then you get a little taste of what they’re all about. Now this is totally random, so enjoy.

“Fights turn into sex, I wonder what happens next?”-The Maine

“We made love by the ocean. As the waves crashed around you.” -Mayday Parade

“So I shake, and you sweat. And we dance, now let’s sing.” -The Postelles

So there they are in all their naked glory. Anyone feel like doing it now? They obviously share the commonality that doing it is one of their prime objectives.

Well well, let’s all calm down now; it’s just a game after all. These bands share a heart-throbbing fan base including the younger High School generation. I won’t deny that there is an innocence to these artists that you only get in as an upperclassmen-a lying innocence!

I wont say I didnt come across Mayday Parade when they were on tour with Plain White Tees or I didnt rock out to a Maine song at Warped Tour. Thats right I was that kid in High School complete with my heavy eyeliner, skull satchel, and Emo kid hair cut.


But as Mayday might say “let’s remember the good times!” M&M (Maine andMayday…get it?) are both emo-pop staples that display loads of energy during live shows and are so worth seeing. Lucky for you, you can relive your flippy hair days at Emo’s on Saturday, November 10th.

Also joining the bill are The Postelles, who are very cute and awesome and I genuinely enjoy their sound. They have a ring of 60s boy band to them with a hint of Buddy Holly.

So dont forget to like the event on do512 and rock your Vans for an Emo-moshing good time.

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