Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow Presents: ROAD RAGE DRIVE-IN 2012

You may be familiar with the concept of faux-stalgia. Then again you may not because the word didn’t exist until now. Regardless – the concept and sentiment are familiar. False nostalgia is the feeling of missing or longing for a time which was never actually experienced. A drive-in cinema serves up as a convenient illustration of faux-stalgia, ultimately because we didn’t grow up with them. The majority of us didn’t regularly attend drive-ins in our youth. We didn’t have first dates in Cadillacs, make out in the car with James Dean delivering lines, or end the night with a drive up the tallest hill overlooking town. Probably not, anyway. Let’s face it, our generation went to the mall. We walked aimlessly while drinking smoothies and maybe shoplifted and made out under department store racks.  Yet we still feel a false nostalgia toward drive-in cinemas. Faux-stalgia is the reason we slap filters on digital photos, collect records, shop vintage-inspired trends, and why we pay any attention to Lana Del Rey. There’s probably some kind of social commentary to be made here, where words like “cultural inception” and “demographic sheep” could be used.

…We’re not going there. Where we are going is on a drive, toward a painted depiction of what we’re telling you to yearn. Sit back and allow your eyes to glaze over as we incept your mind with fake memory. Picture this: the open road. Trees glide over your head, the sun streams through, the windows are down, your feet are up. You’re escaping something. Your best friend hands you a flask and you swig. Carefree! Later you’ll stop at a diner to eat. Your destination: Mexico. Or was it Las Vegas? Maybe San Francisco.

Two of the baddest bitches around.

Don’t sweat. You don’t gotta decide on a destination, because for you we will do the favor of combining two faux-stalgias into one. You’re going on a road trip to Utley, Texas. YEAH, that’s what’s up, Utley, Texas, where you’ll attend a film at an outdoor cinema. Because it’s time to rebel. Take back that false sense of nostalgia! Own it and make it real. From this day hence you’ll be permitted to retrospect fondly, “Yeah. I remember the time Alamo Drafthouse hosted a Drive-In series… The good old days of last weekend.”

What better movies to feature at a drive-in than some road movie classics? The first movie, terrible [awesome] cult bomb The Legend of Billie Jean, already premiered last weekend. This Saturday the line up will continue with David Lynch’s 1990 classic Wild at Heart. Excuse is, while we swoon with excitement. Plus it’s playing on Formula 1 weekend, which sounds like the most perfect kind of dark escape.

On November 24, enjoy disaster drama Twister! According to Wikipedia, Twister was the second highest grossing movie of 1996. Are you still aware of how Twister is a wonderfully terrible movie? Do you remember that Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it?

Rounding out this road show series on December 1 is of course the quintessential 90’s road trip flick, Thelma & Louise. Possibly one of the greatest movies of all time with one of the greatest endings of all time, so enough said.

Doors open at 4, the film begins at 6. $10 will grant you an entrance to the screening, but $18 will grant you a ticket and a Franklin’s Tipsy Texan Barbeque Sandwich. Beverages will also be available for purchase. So this weekend, make some fake childhood memories come true! Grab a hot date and go for a ride to the movies.

– Neda

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