Forefathers Of Stoner Rap More Cypress Than Capitol Hill

With the election past and most political rhetoric turned down to a tolerable level, you might have a hard time recalling the importance of our founding fathers. True they pulled off powdered wigs better than most, but their true success rested in their ability to organize a nation and all that. They were largely members of the upper class and somewhat out of touch, but their efforts to make an inclusive nation remain revered today. Without their groundwork, we wouldn’t be able to have the ridiculous debates about their motives that we have today. If you stumbled upon a 1800 George Washington, you might be disappointed that he lacked the luster of his formidable years a decade prior, but you’d still have to pay your respects. Literally, though, as he would be dead.


If the forefathers could have lived forever, how would America be different today? Asides from the supposition of a zombie-tolerant nation, it’s really hard to tell. Not all founding fathers got their fame from nation-building, and even still some are still alive and kicking. Such is Cypress Hill, one of the founders of modern rap, and they’re not just kicking, they’re kicking out content like it’s the early 90’s. You might not have expected a pillar of West Coast stoner rap to have a new venture with dubstep demigod Rusko… but maybe you should have because the pairing isn’t entirely unforeseen. Members B-Real and Sen Dog have been the reigning kings of the Cali kush scene, so a song like K.U.S.H. makes perfect sense.

Just as a pairing with dubstep might draw a cursory eyebrow raise, so might Cypress Hill’s touring mate choice: Action Bronson. The chef from Queens sounds more Ghostface than Raekwon and his drive has induced a slurry of mixtapes and LPs in the past several years. With a East Coast/West Coast rivalry firmly planted in the rear-view mirror of rap’s spotted past, such a cosign makes sense, and the hyped stage presence of both acts makes such a convergent effort confirmingly rewarding. It’s like George Washington and Obama sharing a bill on a ballot, with much influence from Colorado’s Amendment 64.


Cypress Hill and Bronson are coming to Emo’s next Wednesday, and Do512 is giving away a pair of free tickets. The founding fathers of weed rap and West Coast hustle don’t always blow through town, but when they do, they blow smoke.

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  1. Nick Sherman says:

    I wanna be a rock superstar!

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