The 8 Stages of F1 Grief…in Tweet Form

As Austin’s Best Entertainment Website (woo thanks Austin Chronicle Reader’s Poll) it is absolutely vital that we keep of our finger on the pulse of Austin. Blessed with this responsibility, we have made sure to keep an eye on all of the conversations generated by F1 weekend.

After nearly an hour of diligent hashtag research, we have concluded that there are eight stages of F1 grief. We were able to accurately identify each individual stage, and hope you can use this as a guide to make it through the F1 weekend in good health. It is important to interpret these stages loosely, and expect much individual variation.

Do512 Proudly Presents:

The 8 Stages of F1 Grief…in Tweet Form

  • 1. Shock and Denial:

Jennifer Sinski ‏@jennifersinski
You guys, there’s a Porsche at Yellow Jacket. Is this what F1 is?!

Ashley Cass ‏@ashleycass
TGiF1! Jk… After work, I’m getting the F1 outta town. #f1austin#fb

  • 2. Pain and Guilt:

Doug Cohenour ‏@riverdoug
The dude who played Goose in Top Gun just crashed a helicopter into Headhunters. #F1

6th Year Senior ‏@6th_Year_Senior
F1 is supposed to be all about fast cars… but so far all I’ve noticed is it makes my car go 5 mph everywhere I try to go #WTF1#eurotrash

  • 3. Anger and Bargaining:

Gary Dinges ‏‪@gdinges
Red pants … everywhere! Why?!? ‪#f1

Troy Dillinger ‏@troydillinger
Okay, so F1 is actually NASCAR with a pinky sticking out.

  • 4. Hunger:

Diana Pittman ‏@dianampittman
While waiting for my lunch, a man frantically cut in line and ordered 8 giant whole wheat tortillas for Aerosmith. #f1#wtf1

  • 5. Depression and Lonliness:

Zoe Cordes Selbin ‏@zoecordesselbin
I can’t find any images of cats driving racecars!! Ugh, It’s F1 weekend, what gives, internet?! Provide me with topical cats!!

  • 6. The Upward Turn:

Brian Nunnery ‏@briannunnery
Kind of wanting to go downtown for #F1 tonight. It’s my only chance to buy a $575,000 pint of beer in #atx. #wtf1

Zachary Henault ‏@ZachHenault
I wonder how thrown off these Europeans are going to be by all these mustaches #movember#WTF1

  • 7. Opportunity:

Dommie Bear ‏@dominixon
Hey F1 suckers, I mean race fans. I have these special VIP ‘keep Austin weird’ shirts for only $250 each, or $600 for two. Keep atx weird yo

Covert Curiosity ‏@CovertCuriosity
Anyone want to drop $150,000 at La Zona Rosa this weekend for a table at the T-Pain show? #F1#Austin#WTF

  • 8. Acceptance and Hope:

Aaron Berkowitz ‏@amberkow
I might be the only one excited for F1

Danielle Thomas ‏@DaniBigGrnHouse
Sounds like a war zone with all of the F1 air traffic. Waiting for a suitcase full of money to fall out of one. Dibs.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Aaron Berkowitz knows what’s up. Everyone else…ummm yeah.

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