The Queen of Mean: Lisa Lampanelli

If you don’t know Lisa Lampanelli then you don’t know what’s good. Don’t you watch Celebrity Apprentice? She’s the Queen of Mean! Don’t let that canary sweater and glowing smile mislead you. Lampanelli has a mouth on her and she leaves no race, creed, or gender behind. She may have a gratuitous comic style and cusses like a sailor, but what’s awesome about her is that she gets the entire audience laughing at each other and themselves. She brings harmony to all through dick jokes and racial slurs, and nobody can pull it off quite like Lisa.

The Roast Master

She pretty much has the best job in the world. She’s a self-proclaimed Luckiest Bitch in the world! Lisa has been invited to perform at more Comedy Central roasts than any other female comedian. She also lost a lot of weight! The most wonderful news of all is that Lisa is gracing the Paramount Theater Stage in Austin on January 26th! This event comes just in time-right when all the crazy holiday family induced stress is dying down. Lisa says everything most people do not dare think about, and it’s hilarious. Lisa Lampanelli will hammer the final nail in the holiday coffin at the end of January. Tickets go on sale this Friday, so get em while they’re hot!

Just to give you a little taste of Mrs. Lisa Lampanelli, here are some pertinent key phrases to entice you into watching her most recent interview with David Letterman.

*Jimmy Big Balls

*18 Sarah Jessica Parkers

*2 Cabernet Goblets

*A total whore, not a partial whore.

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