Ring in the New Year with Bob Schneider and Saints of Valory!

We all have those resounding New Year’s Eve expectations. You want the sickest outfit to wear. The bubbliest champagne to guzzle down. Friends and friends of those friends to celebrate with. And that perfect moment to let all of the memories of 2012 flash before your eyes in a nostalgic, cinema-like montage. But everybody knows that every classic montage needs a background soundtrack, and The Paramount Theatre wants to add the finishing touch to your perfect night. On December 31st, The Paramount Theatre will present Bob Schneider featuring Saints of Valory.

Photo Via Official Bob Schneider Facebook Page

Bob Schneider has been making music since the 90’s and was a member of a handful of bands before he embarked on his successful solo career. And Bob is no stranger to the infamous Austin music scene. In fact, he’s a prominent fixture! Since 1999, he has accumulated 24 Austin Music Awards‘ wins. These accolades include, but are not limited to, Musician of the Year and Best Male Vocals. Schneider has also been able to successfully blend the musical genres of rock, folk, country and blues to create tunes that are appealing to all ears.

And to help redound to this night of celebration is no other than Saints of Valory. This band is made of four guys from all across our great planet Earth including California, Canada, Brazil and France. We had the pleasure of hearing this current, Austin-based quartet of rockers play a set at our Do512 Shiner Lounge near the early beginnings of 2011. The boys gave an energy-filled performance that brought cheers and smiles throughout the crowd. Needless to say, Saints of Valory knows how to put on a show.

So ladies and gents, get your bow ties and cocktail dresses ready because it’s time to ring in the new year! Come out to The Paramount Theatre on Monday, December 31st at 8pm. You can get ahead of the game and buy your tickets here. (You can also use this to take care of that slightly belated Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa gift you still need to give to your friends and family!) Skip the potato chip dip and couch gig this year make it a New Year’s Eve for the books. See you at the show!

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