Ring the New Year with Kung Fu Saloon!

I’m not yet sure what my New Year’s Eve plans are. But logically, I DO know what I’ll be wearing. I bought a phenomenal silk dress six months ago and have since been dying for the perfect occasion to wear it. It of course stands to reason that the occasion need be as sophisticated and glamorous as the dress.

Thankfully that’s what New Year’s exists for. You know, aside from being the consolation for our inevitable failure to follow through on resolutions for the next 364 days.

Our job, dear readers, is to provide you with options. Here’s what’s up for New Year’s Eve! The lovely and effervescent Kung Fu Saloon is hosting a party for the evening, replete with food from the soon to be open Winflo Osteria–meaning you’ll get a first taste of the new eatery, which has already built a significant reputation for itself. $125 will get you access to a delicious Italian meal, drinks, free games all night, party favors, a champagne toast, and a place to wear the awesome outfit you planned six months ago.

The thing is, I’ve always fantasized about playing Street Fighter II in formal attire. No I haven’t. But is there a better way to feel like royalty? Kicking ass at Ski Ball in Betsy Johnson, one handed, sippin’ on champagne? I rest my case. Fun and glamour without the snootiness. Kung Fu Saloon doesn’t play around…. except for when it does.

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