Get your Mexitas On… All Night Long

That big pink restaurant, you know the one, on East 11th and I-35.  That one that you have driven by and wanted to go in but it continually toys with your heart by only serving lunch?  Well Mexitas Mexican Cantina will be giving the best gift this holiday season, the gift of serving delicious food until 9:00pm and staying open for ensuing shenanigans until 2:00am every night!

This grand opening weekend will offer $1.00 off any drink from the bar.  With their extended hours and abundance of free games, your wallet will feel safe as you sip the night away since we all know that one drink can lead to two, and two to ten pretty quickly.  The only thing better than the free foosball, pool, and darts for any game enthusiast, well besides the authentic mexican food,  is the grand opening weekend happy hour prices from 9:00pm-2:00am all weekend!  And bonus, to get the weekend into full swing get out to see Wiwan and the Stuffs.


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