Architects of Air Returns to The Long Center


The Long Center is thrilled to announce the return of Architects of Air. This engagement features a brand new 20th Anniversary luminarium: Exxopolis. The Exxopolis luminarium is a stunning sculpture made up of panels of uniquely produced vinyl, where vivid reflections of liquid color spill across a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes.

The Exxopolis Luminarium is pieced together on-site and occupies nearly 11,000 square feet. Visitors remove their shoes before entering, and once inside they can wander freely or just lay back and enjoy the ambiance of the structure. The radiance of light and color transmitted inside the luminarium makes a direct impact on the senses. No two visits to the structure are alike, as the atmosphere inside alters according to changing weather and changing light outside.


From Hong Kong to Honolulu, Taipei to Tel Aviv, Sydney to Singapore, the monumental walk-in sculptures of Architects of Air have enchanted audiences around the world. Since 1992, over 2 million visitors in 38 countries across 5 continents have immersed themselves in this spectacular, luminous world.

The luminaria are designed by company founder, Alan Parkinson, who started experimenting with pneumatic sculptures in the 1980s. Mr. Parkinson describes his intention as an ‘Architect of Air’ in the following terms:

“What motivates me to design is the fact that I continue to be struck by the beauty of light and colour found in the luminaria. These structures nurture an awareness of a pure phenomenon that gently cuts through everyday conditioned perceptions and awakens a sense of wonder in people.”

Accessibility to the widest audience has always been a central goal of their work, and these installations are appreciated by all ages, all cultures, and all abilities. The luminaria and can be accessed by the elderly and wheelchair users.


This stunning installation will be open to the public January 19-27, weekdays from 11AM to 5PM, weekends and MLK Day from 10AM to 5PM (final admission at 5PM). Tickets available at the Long Center, same day as entrance. $10 per person, children 2 and under are free. Visit for additional details.

Watch a short video on the Architects of Air’s Mirazozo Luminarium:

For more information on Architects of Air, visit

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