Heartless Bastards with My Jerusalem and the Laughing at Antone’s Jan. 17

Tonight in the Shiner Beer Sessions at the Do512 Lounge we are lucky to have My Jerusalem perform along with the Gents. Austinites get excited because you too can hear My Jerusalem perform this week. My Jerusalem will be performing with the Heartless Bastards and the Laughing at Antone’s on January 17th.


Photo via My Jerusalem’s Facebook page. Photo taken by Chad Kamenshine.

My Jerusalem‘s popularity took off after their SXSW show in 2009. Since what band members call their “opening night” the band has received praise from multiple critics. Critics and fans have fallen in love with My Jerusalem for their indie rock beats.  

My Jerusalem will be playing at Antone’s along with the talented Heartless Bastards. The Heartless Bastards story started in Dayton, Ohio where lead singer Erika Wennerstrom found the name after a multiple choice video trivia game at a bar. The band now resides in Austin  and have received praise from critics like the Rolling Stone, who called Wennerstrom a “young Robert Plant”. Decemberists’ guitarist Chris Funk describes Wennerstrom as the a voice you can’t seem to get out of your head. Critics and fans love the unique voice of Wennerstrom, and the emotionally resonant lyrics that are backed by elements of blues, hard rock, garage punk, and country.

Come to Antone’s on January 17th and see why the critic’s love the Heartless Bastard’s unique voice and the indie rock vibes of My Jerusalem. Bring your friends and get ready for a good time. Show starts at 8:00 pm, and ticket prices start at $20.00 and can be purchased by clicking on the link here.

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