Led Zeppelin 2 at Emo’s on Jan. 18th

To some, its a spiritual emotion when Stairway to Heaven hits your ears, or Kashmir starts to move through your mind.  Nothing will ever touch the sweaty, high energy stage presence of Page, Plant, Bonham, and Jones but you can get dang near close with Led Zeppelin 2.  With a hole in hearts all over for live performances by Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin 2 has stepped in to cure those pains of longing.  The experience, the sound, the soul, and overall badass-ness will transport you to another time and place on January 18th at Emo’s.


Zeppelin is arguably one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever, and for good reason.  Their music, and the magic of performing were unparalleled by any.  Zeppelin 2 has taken great strides to ensure a new generation of music maniacs and concert goers can experience what once was, in the best way possible.  They have toured around the US and Canada and with each night, and each new stage, have gotten even more down and dirty with it.

Led Zeppelin 2 has conjured up quite a following playing classic favorites and taking a dive deep into the catalog at times.  The band will transport you to a far off time when concerts couldn’t be on a live feed, you couldn’t snap pictures on a smart phone, and no one could retweet; people raised some lighters and enjoyed every minute of life as it came.  Times may have changed since then, but the classic greatness of Zep remains timeless.  Step back in time, jump into the experience, and prepare to have your face melted by Led Zeppelin 2.  Get tickets to Emo’s and don’t look back.


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