Get Your Buzz On at the Buzz Mill: Grand Opening Party 1/19

Austin, rejoice! Your voracious appetite for coffee and beer has heralded the birth of The Buzz Mill, a soon to be open east side establishment that will proudly serve- you guessed it, coffee and beer. Breathed into life by the owners of Austin mainstays Emo’s East and Beauty Ballroom, The Buzz Mill promises to be replete with all the caffeinated and or alcoholic beverages you can swing an axe at. The fact that it’s open 24 hours makes it student friendly as well.

Did we mention there’s food? The Blue Ox BBQ & Pancake Cabin will be patio present to ensure that you never go hungry while enjoying The Buzz Mill’s lumberjack-meets-coffeehouse-meets-bar aesthetic. Finally, your lifelong dream of eating pancakes and barbecue while simultaneously imbibing beer and coffee can be realized.

The Buzz Mill’s grand opening will kick off on January 19th at 8:00pm, featuring the appropriately folksy musical stylings of Austin native Possessed by Paul James. Head on down to 1505 Town Creek Dr in east Austin to experience this wondrous 24 hour a day hybrid between bar and coffeehouse. So, to recap: A full bar, fresh roasted coffee, pancakes, live music and barbecue. Do you really need any more convincing? We didn’t think so.


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