Turntables on Town Lake

MMMMmmm can you taste it? It’s another phenomenally delicious event for you and yours! Turntables on Town Lake has it all-DJs, a Buffet, Signature Cocktails, Capital Cruise’s New Yacht, and ALL proceeds go to Dub Academy’s Community Education Program! It’s what we like to call a win-win situation, and we here at Do512 would love nothing more than to get everyone involved. Save the date-Feb. 22nd. In fact, doesn’t dancing on a yacht with free food and drinks sound like a perfect replacement date for Valentine’s Day? Well, while you’re mulling that over, let’s get into the details…

Turntables on Town LakeDJ Miles is not only the CEO of Texas Pro DJ and Dub Academy, but he will be your master host for the night-the Captain of funky beats if you will. Barrington Miles aka DJ Miles, has always had a passion for music and the art of DJing ever since he moved to the US from Jamaica in 1989, He recently opened up the Dub Academy which allows aspiring DJs to not only use high tech equipment that they otherwise might not be able to afford, but also offers classes by veteran DJs from all around Texas. You too can support the Dub Academy by dancing your booty off at Turntables on Town Lake since all ticket sales will go to benefit free music education to disadvantaged youth in Austin.

As for the rest of the goodies, this yacht party will include music from DJ KB who is a veteran and instructing DJ at Dub Academy. He will also be joined by Boom Baptist, a man whose insane talents are displayed below. His morning mix goes perfect with a cup of fresh coffee. Speaking of comforting drinks…let’s not forget that this yacht party comes with a complimentary buffet accompanied with signature cocktails by renowned master mixologist, Abdul Ford. His 7 year experience brings the kitchen to the bar with fresh ingredients that will undoubtedly make your night.

So now all that’s left for you to do is-get your drink on, get your groove on, and get your good deeds on! Tickets are limited and on sale now for only $20! Boarding on the new yacht, “M.V. Pride and Joy II” will take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at 9:45 pm. From there, the party goes on till 1:00 am! Don’t miss out on your chance to eat, drink, and dance on Town Lake!


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