“Zappa Plays Zappa” at Stubbs this Saturday (1/26)


When Dweezil Zappa decided to become a musician, he vowed to become a “better guitarist” and a “better musician” than his father. This seems like a very tall order for the son of rock legend Frank Zappa, a challenge that Dweezil Zappa has been working towards his entire musical career. Thirty plus years after the peak of his father’s recording career, Dweezil has more in common with his father than his iconic wild, curly hair. In fact, the guy can absolutely shred on the guitar, and has jammed with some of the most famous rock stars of our time including Eddie Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, and Brian May (guitarist for Queen).

In 2006 Dweezil organized the tribute band Zappa Plays Zappa to bring his father’s music to fresh, young ears. The band has toured on and off since its inception and is back on the road this year to help promote Zappa’s ongoing personal musical project “What the Hell Was I Thinking”.  A work-in-progress spanning the last 13 years, the album will feature over 35 guitar players with superstar pedigrees and in his own words is “quite a crazy project”. If you can never get too much guitar, then this 75-minute homage to the guitar solo is right you alley.

Zappa Plays Zappa will be at Stubbs this Saturday at 7:00pm. Come hear the classics and expect a lot of guest guitarists, an especially exciting prospect in Austin where so many legendary musicians live e.g. Robert Plant. Let the rumors begin!

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