What Do You Call A Hilarious Indian From Canada? Russell Peters

Russell Peters

Russell Peters is just plain funny. In a time where news anchors are so worried about being politically correct that they call white people Caucasian-Americans, it takes a Canadian of Indian heritage to drill down to the core of this absurdity and turn it into a stand-up comedy act that sells out a basketball arena twice.  Comedy in its purest form is an insightful and quirky view of the true. Comedians have a way of transcending racial stereotypes and making us look at the silly invisible social codes and stereotypes all around us.  Few comedians understand this more fully than Russell Peters. No ethnicity is safe in Peter’s racially based comedy act, so come prepared to have a healthy laugh at your own expense.

This is not to say Russell Peters is the first comedian to use race as the crux for his jokes, or even the first one to do it well. Peters sets himself apart because his brand of humor is so light-hearted and accessible. Everyone can have a laugh at a well-done accent of a Chinese man haggling over the price an electronic, a white guy talking about his 401K,  or just Canadians in general. Rarely does he swear or rely on “shock humor” to get a rise out of the audience. His jokes are just funny, plain and simple.

Paramount Theater is a spectacular venue for stand-up comedy, having hosted Lewis C.K., Mike Epps, and even the elusive Dave Chappelle this past year. Peters will be performing at the Paramount here in Austin on Wednesday February 13th and the show is almost guaranteed to sell out, so get your tickets ASAP!

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