Geto Boys at Emo’s East on 1/26

No, your mind ain’t playin tricks on you… Geto Boys will be back on stage together, and coming to you live from our very own Emo’s East, on January 26th!  The 90’s rap game would have been a tragic mess without the influence of this crew, the likes of Bushwick Bill, Scarface, and Willie D, and after all of this time, they’ve still got it.


From inspiring acts such as The Notorious B.I.G and 2Pac, to the classic Office Space scene, Geto Boys have seeped into the lives of many in their own unique way.  It’s not easy, in this time of electronic sounds and bands of all types, to be continue on success in a genre that seems, at times, to be centered around long gone icons, but this legendary group manages to do just that.  Geto Boys are coming back with a few select performances and talk of a new album to continue on their legacy of limit pushing lyrics.  The 90’s were more than just a pool of gangsta rap groups pitting against one another, but a community of talent and inspiration continually challenging each other to newer heights.

Geto Boys

After a few line up alterations and varying rankings on their many albums, the Boys are back to conjure up some trouble as they record with Insane Clown Posse and play select dates around the U.S.  The Geto Boys put Houston, TX on the map for rap and paved the road for the genre later to be knows as the dirty south.  See the fathers of the southern gangsta rap movement at Emo’s East and get a flavorful taste of the extreme themes and insane live shows that this threesome of intense rhymes puts on.

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