Where the Foodies Find Food in Austin

Cafes, diners, tavernas, food trucks and even (deliciously) greasy bar food make up a huge part of the Austin culture and cuisines from all over are represented. Naturally, Austin residents have taken notice to the endless choices and how much harder it is to answer the question, “Where do you want to eat?”

But, perhaps us city folk do have a leg up because of the diversity in our restaurant catalog and the passion behind food bloggers spreading their knowledge. It is only natural that there would be a vat of people intrigued enough to share their Austin food experience and expertise with the rest of us who want to participate, but want to have someone else do the leg work.

So, we have put together a list of some of the best food blogs managed by some great chefs, but also some people who are just great at eating and talking about it. Some are part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance and some are amateurs snapping iPhone pictures, but still providing great information. Bon appetit!



Hilah Hilahcooking.com

Hilah Johnson and partner Christopher Sharpe provide an aesthetically pleasing site, filled with made-from-scratch recipes that are simple and supplemented with an instructional webshow, “Hilah Cooking.”



coseppi Kitchen.coseppi.com

This blog is very easy to navigate and not only do James Seppi and Taylor Cook share great vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free recipes, but they show you how to prune your techniques and learn the ingredients.



ATX Gluten Free Atxglutenfree.com

Jessica Meyer provides a great blog for all gluten-free consumers, which includes news in the gluten world, recipe index and guide to find gluten-free food in Austin.



Farm to Table:

austinfresh.org Austinfresh.org

This site uses a multimedia platform to tell the stories of the people who bring the farm to the table and provide tips, recipes and a directory to help you turn your nose to fast food.



Cookie Madness Cookiemadness.net

A blog maintained by a family of three that began as a strictly cookie recipe diary, but has branched out to include other desserts such as cake, pie and quick breads. The photographs are enough to salivate over.



Miscellaneous Food:

The Austin GastronomistAustingastronomist.com

Kathryn Hutchison is the mastermind behind this site that has been up since 2003. She provides recipes and menus, but also a great selection of picnic spots, restaurants and food events around Austin.   The Bee Cave Kitchen 


This blog provides great step-by-step photography and a neatly categorized recipe index. Despite the occasional dog photo, this blog does a good job sticking to food  posts.



Cook  Learn  Grow Cooklearngrow.com

This site is a gold mine for kids interested in learning to cook. The recipes are divided into easy, intermediate and advanced categories and are all easy to follow with detailed steps and photographs.


Food Trucks:

Austin Food Carts Austinfoodcarts.com

As many food trucks as there are around town, naturally there should be a blog chronicling the delicious choices of these mobile restaurants. They provide all available trailer hours and menu options.




This blog gets props for the title alone, but blogger Amy does a good job at frequently posting kosher recipes with nice how-to photography that are delicious for any religion.



Where to go:  



A great subsidiary hub to the larger Eater site that includes multiple cities. They provide food news divided by neighborhoods in Austin, curate great food + drink lists, and post available restaurant positions.   fedman 


A former American-Statesman restaurant critic (Mike Sutter) who has created a top 55 of Austin’s best restaurants. He includes several other top lists as well as reviews and field reports coupled with nice photos of all of the food.


If that wasn’t enough to whet your whistle, check out more appetizing food blogs here.

– via Courtney Goforth

3 Responses to Where the Foodies Find Food in Austin

  1. Andrea says:

    Eater Austin doesn’t review restaurants. (Though if we did, I’m sure they’d be insightful as all get-out.)

  2. Do512 says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. We <3 Eater Austin.

  3. Heather says:

    The Austin Food Blogger Alliance is busy cooking up the next city guide for 2013, so stay tuned! http://austinfoodbloggers.org/city-guide/

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