Balmorhea and Mother Falcon, Two Nights are Better Than One at Scottish Rite on 2/1-2/2

Expect the plethora of band members from Balmorhea and Mother Falcon to be engulfing the stage, instruments galore, and talented sound booming at any given moment.  Sometimes, you need to step out of the norm, try something new, and be prepared to never look back. In a pleasant twist, two of Austin’s favorites will be coming together for a two night experience at the Scottish Rite Theater on Friday and Saturday, February 1-2nd.  Friday night will dig into the deep moments of classical inspiration that each of these groups have utilized along their journey while Saturday will pull you in a heavier, rock inspired evening showcasing the advances in style that each of these bands have incorporated along the way.


Balmorhea, formed in 2006, found an inspirational way to combine the old with the new and infuse stringed arrangements with modern guitar and various drums, even an occasional accompanying vocal, to gain gentle strength in instrumental harmonies.  Tours around the world, four full albums, and more press than is possible to mention, this band has done something special and along the way found themselves gaining fans near and far.


Mother Falcon, the bill sharing 14 piece (or more) group also hailing form Austin, will wow you with their powerhouse of sound.  Strings, an elegantly loud and spectacular horn section, and voices of varying tone and volume infiltrate your heart.  Mother Falcon’s orchestral influence is fused into each piece of art they create and can be described as no less than a wonderful treat of sound.


Scottish Rite Theater has, for one weekend, secured these two talented bands to play together as they create something like you have never before experienced before.  You can buy a single ticket for individual nights or realize that two nights is better than one, as each will bring you something significant, unique, and inspired; Friday in a more classical manner, with Saturday’s collaboration planning to rock the night away.

Don’t mess around, as these tickets will go quick, grab one for yourself, invite a friend, go nuts and get some VIP tickets even, and be prepared to be wowed with the Balmorhea and Mother Falcon  weekend, where these two groups will come together for a two night extravaganza that you won’t soon forget.

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