Weekend at Haven

No need to come up with plans for this weekend, because Haven has so many exciting things happening you will not want to go anywhere else in Austin. That’s right, we’re talking DJs, drink specials, and BeatChaser all happening this weekend at one location: Haven.

Friday night- bring your friends, put on your best party outfit, and get ready to spend the night dancing away with DJ Red at Haven. If you want to be really cool, you can even wear a red outfit for this jammin’ party (get it- DJ Red, red outfit! ha, corny joke we know).  DJ Red will be at Haven for his CD release party and will be giving away free copies of his CD.


Saturday night. Get ready for Release Saturdays with BeatChaser at Haven. We can promise you some good times with friends, and some good drinks. What more can you ask for on your Saturday night in Austin? To make the deal even sweeter, Saturday night Haven is offering $1 drink tickets for ladies who come in before 10:30 p.m.! $1 drink specials for all the ladies in the house? That’s crazy talk!


Get your phone out and get ready to text all your friends and tell them your new baller weekend plans. Two nights. Haven. Friday and Saturday. Drink specials, Release Saturdays with BeatChaser, and DJ Red. Be there, that’s where the party will be!

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